prenatal parenting preparation

birth your way in Budapest


before birth:

prenatal preparation: courses or individual occasions, 6x2 hours

information for expats about birth in Hungary
help in choosing hospital or doctor, info about homebirth in Budapest
help in sorting out your individual wishes, preferences about your birth
building trust in yourself and your body
preparation for breastfeeding
preparation for early parenting

at birth:
doula services all around Budapest hospitals
midwifery services in Telki hospital

after birth:

hospital visits, breastfeeding support
postpartum doula and midwifery services ( home visits,breastfeeding support, postpartum checkup of mother, baby care, household chores)

Monika Schanda

mother of 3, doula, independent midwife
speaking English and German

bill for midwifery services included in hospital bill, all other services billed individually